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Lacrosse Goalie with Helmet


Private Training

One-on-one or small group private sessions provide athletes the opportunity to step away from a team setting and grow as an individual.  During the initial session, the athlete is going to be asked a series of questions, focused mainly on where they would like to improve and grow. Training packages are available for 4, 8, 12, and 16 Sessions.

In-House Group

Group Training

Our group training sessions provide opportunities for athletes to focus on footwork, stick skills, shooting, and lacrosse awareness for 90 minutes. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a better understanding of the game in a high rep environment.

Specialized Clinics


Our camps and clinics expose athletes to the best of the best in the sport. Whether they are working on advanced stickwork mechanics or attacking and defense IQ enhancement, the live competitive play under the direction of a professional provides an environment for the athletes to learn creative concepts in today’s game.

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